Elmhurst businesses are getting into the holiday swing by having their windows painted in an unusual style.  It’s a Scandinavian folk art style called Norwegian Rosemaling.  That sounds romantic, doesn’t it?  It is, rather.  

The Illinois Norsk Rosemalers Association (INRA) brought instructors all the way from Europe to teach the technique to local artists.  Two of these local artists, Catherine Coy and her sister, Rebecca Cleghorn, came up with the idea of using the Norwegian style to decorate storefront windows. 

The two sisters studied the technique for 16 years with European artists in the Elmhurst area before opening their business, Two Sisters Window Painting.  They approached area merchants, offering to add a touch of class to their store windows.  They now are charged with keeping windows beautiful for some two dozen or more businesses in the DuPage County area.

Norwegian Rosemaling is a technique that uses a lot of graceful C and S strokes to create delicate patterns using leaf, floral or other motifs.  The result is a blend of folk art and French rococo.  It is used to decorate almost anything that can be painted.  Plates are a popular venue, as are wood furniture, jewelry boxes, picture and mirror frames and even fabrics.  Once you begin to use your imagination, the possibilities are virtually endless.

To learn more about this fascinating art form, you can contact the INRA for further information.  They even publish a newsletter.  You can see samples of the technique on the windows of local DuPage County merchants, such as Cafe Amano and Flight 112 Wine Bar, where Two Sisters Window Painting work year round.  During the holiday season, don’t miss the many other samples on display right downtown.

If you are interested in living in a community that takes art seriously, Elmhurst may be the place for you.   If you’re looking for property in the DuPage County area, just call me, Tom Makinney, at our home office, (630) 567-5902, or check out my website

The Gracik Makinney Group wishes you the happiest of holidays.