The snow has melted and as the weather gets warmer, it seems that Spring is in the air. At this time of year, not only do many of us start looking for a home but also a furry friend to add to our family. You may be searching the internet for a new dog. Maybe you search through breeder websites, rescue groups, or craigslist ads. We recommend a local Elmhurst rescue group, Great Lakes Lab Rescue, to find a wonderful dog for your family. Great Lakes is dedicated to matching rescued Labradors with families since 2000.  Since their inception, they have accepted well over 600 dogs into their program. In addition to being loyal companions in private homes, some of their dogs have gone on to work for the FBI, DEA, Border Control, police stations etc.


Great Lakes does not have a shelter to house the Labs that they rescue. All dogs in the program stay with individual "foster" families which allows Great Lakes to determine a bit about the dog's personality prior to you taking him or her home. In so doing, you will know if the dog is friendly around kids, cats or other dogs.


Visit the Great Lakes website or Facebook page to see a list of events at which they will be appearing. Then head on out, say hello and find your future puppy, spunky running partner or a quiet companion.