If you're into either the eating or the history of candy, it's "sweet" to live in Elmhurst right now. The always-great Elmhurst History Museum is running a special exhibit that highlights Chicago's contribution to the world of candy.

Sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Tootsie Roll, My Favorite Toy Store and Fannie May, the exhibit is titled "Sweet Home Chicago: The History of America's Candy Capital",  and it's running now through September 30, 2012. You'll learn how Chicago became important to the candy industry and why it's still home to many big-name candy brands like Tootsie Roll.

If you think you really know one sweet from another, prove it by taking the Candy IQ Quiz to identify candy bars by their ingredients. Or test your candy-wrapping skills with the Twisted Candy Challenge. You'll also browse through interactive displays of artifacts and photos, watch vintage candy commercials, and even get to see the great episode of "I Love Lucy" where the girls try working in a candy factory.

The Elmhurst History Museum is on 120 E. Park Avenue in Elmhurst, and admission is free. You can learn more by going to the museum's website or by calling 630-833-1457.

Current Elmhurst residents know this is just one of many wonderful options that make our community a great place to live. For those who don't yet live here, come see what you're missing!

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