We love how the leaders and planners in Elmhurst are constantly challenging themselves to improve and make life better for residents. Right now, the city is listening to an influx of requests and considering two concepts: one to allow residential beekeeping and one eyeing the possibility of food trucks.

Residents have been buzzing about the possibility of beehives since the city allowed educational institutions to establish hives. Currently, Elmhurst College has two thriving hives, and York High School has plans in the works but nothing up yet.

Of the 39 communities in DuPage County, 15 of them allow some type of residential beekeeping, usually with some type of restriction on lot sizes and distance between residences and with the understanding that the practice is only in hobby form.

Members of the Public Affairs and Safety committee are now researching specifically how those communities handle the bees and beehives.

Also hitting the pavement are members of the Development Committee as they begin looking at the possibility of food trucks in Elmhurst.  These are food trucks that actually cook the food as opposed to canteen trucks, which sell drinks and pre-prepared food and are popular around construction sites, and ice cream trucks.

Although the food trucks aren’t expected to generate booming business, alderman see them being popular at block parties. But they want to ensure the trucks don’t have a detrimental impact on brick and mortar restaurants and bars.  One suggestion was to allow them to operate near a central downtown location and only between the hours of 10 p.m. and 1 a.m.

Committee members are now going out to talk to local restaurant owners and members of Elmhurst City Centre.

Both topics are on the agenda for the council’s next meeting on Oct. 22.

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