Neighborhoods near Elmhurst Quarry will be happy to hear that plans have been approved to run a pipe into the quarry at the Flood Control Facility along Route 83.  

During heavy rainfall, the nearby homes will benefit from stormwater being carried away via the pipeline.  While the 33 acre quarry was designed for flood control and has been effective for some areas, it did not put the nearest 76 homes at such an advantage.

The decision was not a hard one for the stormwater committee to reach, as the proposition would use a quarter of one percent of the reservoir’s 2.7 billion gallon capacity. That’s a lot of water!  Better in the quarry than in our basements.

The proposal promises that Elmhurst will incur all the costs of the project, so there was very little reason for any neighboring community or stormwater committee to give much push back on the issue.

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