After years of teaching Yoga at Elmhurst College, Professor Barbara Kahovec has literally written the book on Yoga for Students.

The textbook provides students with an approachable and relatable introduction to yoga and how it can be beneficial specifically to college students in their mental, emotional, and physical states.

Kahovec found this untapped angle after evaluating the texts she’d used previously, and pinpointing what the material lacked as it pertains to her students. Applying her own personal experience and using her observations of the way college students learn, Kahovec’s text serves as a tailored guide for the student body to discover and appreciate the mental and physical benefits of yoga.

While anyone at any age can benefit from yoga, college students in particular are the perfect candidates for learning and practicing the activity.  Transitioning into the adult world and finding balance on your own has its challenges, and yoga is the perfect aide to help students on their new journey.

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