The Elmhurst Art Museum has reason to toot its horn. Their current exhibition, The Whole World a Bauhaus, which opened last week after a transportation delay, is the only U.S. stop on its international tour.

2019 is the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus movement, an integrated approach to the art, crafts, and technology. Founded in Germany, it lasted only 14 years due to the Nazi occupation, but the effects are still being felt. The tenants of Bauhaus include the feeling that aesthetic design elements should be a part of everyday objects, from refrigerators to coffee tables.

The EAM has specific ties to the Bauhaus movement, as McCormick House architect Mies van der Rohe was the last director of the school before it closed, leaving its ideals spread across the world. The McCormick House, adjacent to the movement, is one of only three van der Rohe-designed homes in the U.S.

The exhibit explores the influence of Bauhaus through photographs, design pieces, and documents and encourages people to rethink and reimagine the objects around them. There will be events throughout March and April exploring the influence of Bauhaus, such as tours of the McCormick House outlining the Bauhaus influence in the design, as well as lectures and workshops.

This year’s annual museum annual fundraiser is themed after the exhibition. “Soiree 2019: Bauhaus 100” will be held on Sat. April 27 at the museum. The event will include cocktails, a multi-course dinner, entertainment, and live and silent auctions, including Bauhaus artwork by new and established artists. During the evening, the museum will unveil “Parallel Perspectives,”,a light and color installation in the McCormick House.

The exhibit is open through April 20. More information about the exhibition and the soiree can be found at the museum’s website, www.

Having a world-class museum in our city is one of the many ways that Elmhurst is a unique and vibrant place to live. To find out more, call us at (630) 441-5570 or reach out through our website,