drone.jpgWe don’t yet have hoverboards or power shoelaces, but the McFly version of the year 2015 is not terribly off.  Amidst a list of the ‘Back to the Future’ franchise promises that never became a reality, the hovering camera is here.  Though the FAA has strict regulations against using drones for commercial purposes, the National Association of Realtors would like to amend the ban to allow aerial shots to be taken via drone for the purpose of enhanced real estate marketing.  

Lifting the ban could create potential issues with privacy, abuse of the technology, and other industries appealing to lift the ban for their business uses.  The new regulations that are expected to set new parameters and give a timeframe for the possibility of an allowance for drones is expected within the next few weeks.


With the year 2015 nearly upon us, there is a short list of Back to the Future predictions that have actually come to fruition, and there is still time for more.  (Cubs fans, don’t hold your breath on that 2015 World Series win prediction!)

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