The new school year is well underway now with some a few modifications being implemented to curriculum and scheduling.

Middle school students will experience the biggest changes. Beginning this week, every middle school student will participate in a daily “acceleration” period—a 30-minute period that students can utilize in a variety of ways.

The period is designed to be flexible. Students can receive additional academic support or select enrichment options. Or they can choose from a variety of topics based on their interests and what they would like to learn more about.

Each enrichment session lasts three weeks, and class choices will be developed by teachers but driven by student interests. Suggestions include computer programming, coding, college and career explorations, and STEM topics (science, technology, engineering, math).

Other changes in middle school scheduling include the implementation of a “modified block schedule.” This year, every student will have 75 minutes of English/language arts and 75 minutes of math every day. They will have PE every day for 40 minutes, a unified art every day for 40 minutes, and a world language every day for 40 minutes, as well as the daily 30-minute acceleration period.

Prior to this year, each class met daily for 45 minutes.

Other changes to the district 205 curriculums include the adoption of Eureka Math, which will replace Everyday Math. The district piloted the program last year before rolling it out this year.

In addition, the district added three more late-start days to middle and elementary schools: October, February, and April.

All changes are a reflection of the changing ways students learn and the impact of technology in their lives. District administrators and teachers are constantly looking for the best ways to help students adapt and not only learn relevant skills but also develop critical thinking and thought processes.

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