The Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group was caught in the blizzard of 2011. Not only did the snow pound Chicago, it wreaked havoc in Elmhurst, also. Our office was closed down, a few of us lost power, and everyone here has logged some major hours shoveling snow.

If you were buried in the snow and found yourself digging out, did the thought cross your mind that maybe, just maybe, you should move into a condo or townhome in Elmhurst? Can’t say we blame you. Owning a home is wonderful, but some people prefer the lower maintenance of a condo.

Elmhurst has multiple condo and townhome locations which are close to the Metra, near shops and stores, and within walking distance of paths and trails. Elmhurst townhomes offer certain perks like building management which plows and shovels the parking lot/garage and handles maintenance. Some condos and townhomes in Elmhurst offer covered parking to fend off the blizzard-like weather and units in higher floors to avoid the blowing snow and snow drifts which may pile up.

If you are thinking about buying a condo or townhome in Elmhurst and the blizzard is prompting you to do more than just think about it, the Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group’s agents are the perfect buying resource to help you find the condo or townhome of your dreams. Contact us today are take a look at our Elmhurst condo listings.