Whether you own Elmhurst real estate or property in DuPage, owning a home comes with many responsibilities. Some we all know, like repairs and maintenance. But there’s another level of homeownership that’s just as important: getting involved with your local community. Often it’s neighborhood residents that get things done, help out others, and make a real difference in the quality of their city or town.

From the RealtyTimes web site, here are a few ways to be an Elmhurst, DuPage County Illinois homeowner who’s engaged with your community.

  • Volunteer or donate to your local American Red Cross.
  • Donate items to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.
  • Become a Big Brother or Big Sister to a child who needs a positive role model. If you can’t volunteer, you can donate at www.bbbs.org.
  • Participate in your local Relay for Life to raise money for the American Cancer Society.
  • Attend activities or sports events run by the local school system. Buy that candy bar or magazine from the student standing outside the store, or just make a donation. 
  • Take a role in city or town government. Run for city council or school committee and you’ll have the opportunity to influence bigger things. Or just attend city meetings and be sure you vote.
  • Be a good Elmhurst neighbor. Join a neighborhood watch if you have one, or just join with your neighbors to watch out for each other’s families and homes.

This is just a small list of possible activities. You have only to look to discover many more things you and your neighbors can do. But know that by getting involved at any level, you make your city or town a place that everyone will be happy to call their home.

Come live in an area with great neighborhoods full of involved, caring people. If you’re looking for Elmhurst real estate, contact the Gracik Makinney Group,  or call (630) 567-5902.