You’ve probably noticed the flurry of activity going on in Elmhurst lately. New restaurants, new businesses, new homes, and new developments keep popping up.

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes as well, underground and inside city offices. With that in mind, the city is holding a Town Hall Meeting on Thur., Nov. 17 from 7-9 p.m. at the Elmhurst Public Library. Aldermen will be offering updates on ongoing projects and explaining upcoming plans and developments.

Stormwater System and Flooding Updates

The city has been working to control the few remaining flooding problem areas. Six stormwater detention projects are underway, with the Walnut-Myrtle-Evergreen in the final phase. That project involved the construction of a series of storm sewer pipes running to the Elmhurst Quarry, providing relief to the area adjacent to the quarry.

Other projects in construction include flood storage areas throughout the city, including York Commons Park (Crescent/Cambridge), York/I-290, the Yorkfield Subdivision (Harrison St.), and Madison Early Childhood Education Center.

Completed stormwater projects include Webster Ave (St. Charles Rd and Fair Ave.) and the York and Palmer Underground Stormwater Detention Project.

Several conceptual flooding retention projects are in various stages of committee action, including plans at Bryan Middle School, Jackson School, and York High School (College View).

Downtown Elmhurst

New developments and improvements show no signs of slowing down. The city gave zoning approval for a six-story mixed-use complex at 100 N. Addison, the northwest corner of Addison and First St. The Opus Development Corp. will build 160 rental apartments with parking and retail at street level.

Chicago-based Fitness Formula Clubs plans to begin construction in early spring on a high-end fitness center along Addison St, down the block from the Opus development.

The train station redevelopment is in a temporary holding status until early 2017 when the city will seek federal funding to support improvements to the station, including capacity, aesthetics, accessibility, and traffic flow.

We encourage residents and non-residents alike to attend the Nov. 17 Town Hall Meeting to get more information about these and other topics. The ability to meet with elected officials and discuss their plans and proposals is another reason that Elmhurst is such a great place to live.

To learn more, feel free to reach out to us by calling (630) 441-5570 or contacting us via our website,