Elmhurst’s downtown business district continues to grow and expand with the times. On July 17, city council voted to approve a proposal that would rezone the downtown area.

The zoning committee reviewed building height, residential density, residential parking, and setback requirements in the downtown area. To get resident’s input, they held focus groups, did digital outreach, distributed community surveys, and held meetings and open houses.

The rezoning creates a central business district composed of an outer core, neighborhood transition district, and a civic/institutional district in order to change the zoning classifications of properties in that area.

Those amendments include changes to building heights, increasing the limit from the current four stories to up to six stories or 77 feet, and up to 10 stories if city council approves the building as a conditional-use structure.

The new zoning changes also allow for more townhome development in the area surrounding the business district, and reduced residential parking requirements.  

You can visit Elmhurst.org/downtownrezoning to learn more and see a map of the final rezoned districts. 

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