Forbes posted an article calling Chicago the 7th Most Miserable city in America based on:

“the strength of its long commutes (30.7 minutes on average--eighth-worst in the U.S.) and high sales tax (9.75%---tied for the highest). The Windy City also ranks in the bottom quartile on weather, crime, foreclosures and home price trends.”

Elmhurst residents hope they are not lumped into that ranking seeing as Elmhurst enjoys lower tax rates than Chicago, much lower crime rates, and steady home price trends.

By simply looking at the featured Elmhurst homes from Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group, you can quickly see Elmhurst has another advantage to Chicago, you get more home for your dollar. Add in the lower population numbers, access to parks and recreation, and the small town charm that Chicago cannot offer, and you can see why Elmhurst will never find it’s way onto the Most Miserable list.