residents who have been traveling to Oak Park to buy goodies from the Bleeding Heart Bakery will be glad to know they can now get them a little closer to home.  That’s right!  At 116 S. York St. you can stop in for your favorite treats.  Anyone who has visited the Oak Park or Chicago location will see that the Elmhurst location is just as imaginative (and earth-friendly) as the others.

This growing chain of bakeries with a “punk rock” twist was founded by Michelle and Vinnie Garcia.  They are dedicated to providing creative, delicious food in an atmosphere that not only promotes a ‘’green” way of life, but also supports local farmers and merchants.  These people “walk the talk” when it comes to the environment.  They use organic, locally provided ingredients, environmentally friendly packaging, and they deliver in a hybrid truck.  They also compost and use “green” friendly cleaning products.

The food you get at Bleeding Heart Bakery is not only organic, it’s delicious.  Who said organic had to be boring?  If you think that, stop in for one of their Deep Fried Donut Sandwiches.  You can also sample some “cake balls,” a sort of twist on the old fashioned doughnut hole. They do fantastic things with bacon, of all things.  People with food sensitivities (gluten, soy, nuts, even sugar) can get foods made especially for their dietary needs.

Wait till you see their array of cakes!  Some of them look like they should go into a museum. They range from the sedate, to the romantic, to the comical, to the draconian, to the spectacular.  Whatever the occasion, they are sure to enhance it with one of their creations.

The Bleeding Heart Bakery is just one of the reasons you need to look into buying a home in the Elmhurst area.  Just call me, Tom Makinney, at our home office, (630) 567-5902, or check out our website.

​Happy Thanksgiving, Elmhurst.