If Elmhurst College has its way, life could bee getting a little sweeter on campus. That’s because the college is hoping to install a beehive on campus. 
Current Elmhurst ordinances prohibit beekeeping by individuals or institutions, but Elmhurst College hopes to change that. The school is proposing adding a small beehive on the roof of one of the science buildings. The hive would be used in ecology and sustainability classes by students studying biology, zoology, environmental biology, and invertebrate biology.
The college also plans to open the bee project to business students who will forecast and analyze revenue from the hive. Each beehive has the possibility of yielding approximately $600 per year, and most become self-sustaining within the first year.
Bees are currently experiencing an alarming global decrease that is beginning to affect food production. Honeybees pollinate nearly all of the vegetable, fruit, seed, and flower crops, but industrial agriculture with its reliance on toxic, bee-killing chemicals is causing the bees to die off and colonies to collapse.
Elmhurst College is home to a registered arboretum, including the Woodland Garden, Prairie Garden, Rain Garden, Butterfly Garden, and Heritage 1871 Garden, making it an ideal home for honeybee pollination.
The proposed measure is currently in the hands of the Public Affairs and Safety Committee, which is looking into the zoning of beehives at an organization such as Elmhurst College, and possibly York High School. The committee is researching the legality of it, and getting feedback from neighboring residents.
If all goes according to plan, Elmhurst College hopes to have the bees happily buzzing at work by Spring 2017.
Elmhurst College is an integral part of Elmhurst, and the school plans to have the beehive help support environmental sustainability in the city. It's another example of why Elmhurst is such a great place to live. To find out more, call us at (630) 441-5570 or visit us at www.gmregroup.com.