A new school year is just around the corner!  The kids might be ready, but are you? 

Before you head out to the mall, take inventory of last years items, there might be some ‘essentials’ that are in good condition (and still fashionable).  Be prepared, and make a list of what is needed. 

Next, check the schools updated dress code.  New rules may have been applied, or if your child is starting at a new school, the guidelines may very well be different.  

With back to school shopping as an integral part of the new school year, a state tax holiday has been issued in Illinois for the occasion! From August 6th to August 15th, a five percent reduction will apply to qualifying back to school items purchased. From pencils and paper to gym shoes and cool tees, shopping locally for back to school items is great for local businesses, and for your wallet!

Details of the Deal:
 During this ten day period, you’ll save on basic classroom items, clothing and footwear valued at $100 or less.

If a store is having a promotional sale, the item must be under $100 before the marked down sale price in order to qualify.

When purchasing bundled items, (items that don’t qualify along with items that do qualify) the reduced rate of sales tax will only apply if the value of qualifying items is greater.

Among the items not eligible for the sales tax reduction are computers, printers and printer ink, cell phones, text books, cameras and video cameras, jewelry and cosmetics.  For a complete list of qualifying vs. non-qualifying items, see the Illinois Department of Revenue Informational Bulletin.

If you are relocating to the Elmhurst area and need information on schools, visit the district website for more information.  For your real estate needs, contact the Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group.  We are always awaiting your call!

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