Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows who really holds the reins of power – the administrative assistant. That’s also true here in our Elmhurst schools, but in this case it’s not just a matter of who can get you what you need. Now it has become a matter of safety for our children.

As schools have become more and more buttoned down, it falls to the office staff to keep an eye on who’s coming through the door. They are typically the first people visitors and parents encounter, and beyond offering a warm welcome, these people are now tasked with deciding who to admit and who to keep out.

A good example is Antoinette Tuff, a school bookkeeper in Georgia, who recently persuaded a gunman to put down his weapon. She wasn’t just a gatekeeper; she was the first line in the school’s defense. Her personal interaction proved to be even more effective than a physical wall could have been.

Here in Elmhurst, Jackson Elementary School relies upon Jacki Lawrence to decide who gets to come in. If she has any doubts, she too relies upon face-to-face interaction by going to the door to speak with the visitor in person. If you do make it through Jackson’s front door, your next stop is the head office where Jacki inspects your identification and enters it into a database that will alert her to potential problems and automatically contact 911 if necessary.

Most parents are happy for these extra precautions despite the extra effort and time they require. The vast majority of school visits are straightforward and benign, but having such security procedures in place makes everyone that much more comfortable. Our schools are charged to be in loco parentis, literally “in the place of a parent” assuming the legal responsibility for the care of our children. It’s good to know that people like Antoinette and Jacki take this role so seriously.

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