Gracik Makinney, once part of Schiller Real Estate, is part of a winning agency at Koenig & Strey. The numbers do not lie; Koenig & Strey is the most retained real estate agency in Elmhurst…hands down. Koenig & Strey enjoys a 35% market share in Elmhurst which increased  from 25% market share at this time in 2010.

While market share and being the Elmhurst real estate leader may sound great, Gracik Makinney looks deeper. These numbers show that real estate buyers and sellers in Elmhurst trust Keoneig & Strey more than any other agency in the area. We pride ourselves on that trust and work tirelessly to earn the trust of our newest customers. Trust Gracik Makinney with your Elmhurst home…and see why we are part of the number 1 real estate agency in Elmhurst.