It was one of Ferris Bueller’s stops on his infamous day off, and even 28 years later the Art Institute of Chicago remains just as popular of a destination as ever.  While the list of attractions that draws tourists to Chicago year after year is ever-growing, at the core of the list are some tried


and true Chicago staples.  Even residents of the city and the surrounding suburbs shouldn’t forget to take advantage of these gems, or dismiss them as ‘tourist traps.’  Navy Pier is a prime example of a tourist trap, while the Art Institute of Chicago is a tourist treasure.

The Art Institute was recently rated by Trip Advisor as the #1 Museum in the WORLD. If it’s been a while, give in to your inner tourist and pay the museum a visit.

At one million square feet, the institute is home to more than than 300,000 pieces of art permanently on display, and features additional rotating exhibits throughout each year.  art-institute.jpgIf you’re planning an upcoming trip (because you should) it is always a good idea to do your research, and map out what wings you would like to see the most.  Because of it’s vast size and variety, it is nearly impossible to view (and appreciate) the entire museum in one day. Check out the current and upcoming exhibits here -LINK.
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