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Elmhurst Lab Rescue Helping Puppies and Older Dogs Alike

by Thomas Makinney

The snow has melted and as the weather gets warmer, it seems that Spring is in the air. At this time of year, not only do many of us start looking for a home but also a furry friend to add to our family. You may be searching the internet for a new dog. Maybe you search through breeder websites, rescue groups, or craigslist ads. We recommend a local Elmhurst rescue group, Great Lakes Lab Rescue, to find a wonderful dog for your family. Great Lakes is dedicated to matching rescued Labradors with families since 2000.  Since their inception, they have accepted well over 600 dogs into their program. In addition to being loyal companions in private homes, some of their dogs have gone on to work for the FBI, DEA, Border Control, police stations etc.


Great Lakes does not have a shelter to house the Labs that they rescue. All dogs in the program stay with individual "foster" families which allows Great Lakes to determine a bit about the dog's personality prior to you taking him or her home. In so doing, you will know if the dog is friendly around kids, cats or other dogs.


Visit the Great Lakes website or Facebook page to see a list of events at which they will be appearing. Then head on out, say hello and find your future puppy, spunky running partner or a quiet companion. 

Elmhurst Open Houses for April 16-17

by Thomas Makinney




270 W. Grantley, Elmhurst $754,000 Sun. 1-3  
800 Spring, Elmhurst $274,900 Sun. 1-3  

870 Hillside, Elmhurst


Sat. 12-4


200 Addison, #501, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-4


316 N. Shady Lane, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


450 E. Schiller, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


972 S. Mitchell, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-4


221 N. Glade, Elmhurst


Sat. 1-4


324 Myrtle, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


483 Maple, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-4


127 N. Berteau, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


119 Arlington, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


208 S. Grace, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


474 South St., Elmhurst


Sun. 1-4

Tips for Finding a Mortgage Lender

by Thomas Makinney

Find a Mortgage LenderGracik Makinney counts on the experience and mortgage knowledge of Jack Jones for many of our client mortgages. Jack is a mortgage consultant for MetLife and a trusted resource. We asked Jack for some tips on finding a good lender. His responses are below.

  • You definitely need someone with years of experience. I normally suggest using someone with at least 15 years so they understand the latest FHA laws and changes.
  • Find someone local to make it easy to meet face to face. Not only can a local lender simplify the process, he can also create a sense of urgency for the mortgage loan officer and help maintain a good reputation. 
  • Find out if your lender utilizes local resources for processing, underwriting & closing. By using resources within Elmhurst, the lender will have more control and better understanding of the loan status.
    • Be careful of brokers or banks that say they use local resources for your loan. If your loan has special considerations or circumstances, that same local broker or bank will need to go out of state to the lender with which they are brokering in order to get underwriter review. 
  • Look for a lender that does not order a second credit report a day or two before closing. 
    • Subtle changes in your credit report could lead to increased rates or penalties.
  • Seek out a lender with a full complement of conventional/FHA/VA/Jumbo loan programs. The more choice you have, the better your options.
  • Find a mortgage loan officer with a track history of attending your closing. A closing can be stressful if not handled correctly, which is why you want your lender by your side to help manage any last minute questions.

Elmhurst Open Houses for April 9-10

by Thomas Makinney


350 Ridge, Elmhurst   Sun. 1-3
208 Sunnyside, Elmhurst   Sun. 2-4
695 Fairview, Elmhurst   Sun. 2-4
651 W. Elm Park Ave., Elmhurst $215,000 Sun. 1-3
972 Mitchell, Elmhurst $299,800 Sun. 1-3
941 Hillside, Elmhurst $312,000 Sun. 12-2
628 Saylor, Elmhurst $322,000 Sun. 1-3
282 Crescent, Elmhurst $364,900 Sun. 1-3
132 N. Pine, Elmhurst $439,900 Sun. 1-3
261 N. Glade, Elmhurst $575,000 Sun. 1-3
438 S. Kenilworth, Elmhurst $588,900 Sat. & Sun. 1-4
202 Grace, Elmhurst $609,900 Sun. 1-3
649 Swain, Elmhurst $849,900 Sun. 1-3
294 Berteau, Elmhurst $950,000 Sun. 12-3

Elmhurst and Neighborhood Website Resources

by Thomas Makinney

Gracik Makinney are avid fans of social media and its capabilities to quickly reach our customers, answer questions, and provide instant updates. We would be remiss if we did not point out some of the sites we love. These sites range from Elmhurst-based government and business pages to neighborhood resources. Have a look at these sites and follow Gracik Makinney on Twitter, Facebook & YouTube for latest listings, Elmhurst information, and DuPage County news.

Elmhurst Open Houses for April 3, 2011

by Thomas Makinney
811 N. Willow, Elmhurst $339,500 Sun. 1-3
802 S. Hawthorne, Elmhurst $339,900 Sun. 1-4
866 Cedar Ave., Elmhurst $347,000 Sat. 1-3
614 S. Parkside, Elmhurst $347,500 Sun. 1-3
523 N. Evergreen, Elmhurst $349,900 Sun. 1-3
613 Poplar, Elmhurst $369,000 Sun. 1-3
551 Mitchell, Elmhurst $374,500 Sun. 1-3
220 Addison, Unit #220, Elmhurst $479,000 Sun. 1-3
208 S. Grace, Elmhurst $634,900 Sun. 1-3
429 Oak, Elmhurst $650,000 Sun. 1-3
649 Swain, Elmhurst $849,900 Sun. 1-3
326 N. West Ave., Elmhurst $899,900 Sun. 1-4
244 E. Oneida, Elmhurst $899,900 Sun. 1-3

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