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Showing Your House? Time to Show Your Best Side.

by Thomas Makinney

There was a great article in the Chicago Tribune Stressing the positive in selling a home, or just plain stressing. The article covers the necessary evil of keeping your home in tip-top shape as you prepare for showings. Gracik Makinney understands that the last thing you may want to do is clean your home, but we see countless instances where homes were either not clean, in complete disrepair, or had a strange odor. Buyers need to see your home at its best. While keeping your home spotless is the ideal situation, there are other ways to make your home showing ready. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when your home has a showing:

  • Clean on a consistent basis. We are not saying you need to have the most sparkling home in Elmhurst, but staying on top of dusting and vacuuming goes a long way and lessens the demand come showing time
  • Enjoy living in your house at its best by not settling for clutter or messes
  • Get a head start on packing by getting rid of your clutter. The last thing potential Elmhurst home buyers want to see is a lot of personal clutter such as your favorite football helmet collection. Pack what you do not need and you will be that much closer to a clutter-free house
  • The stress from selling your home can build up, while not a showing tip, this is a mental health tip…exercise regularly to relieve home selling stress
  • Most importantly price your home at a compelling and neighborhood-appropriate level so as to avoid prolonged market time
  • Finally, remember why you want to sell your home in the first place. Let that motivate you as you clean your home. You’d rather say you did all you could to sell your home than wondering if you did enough.

New District 205 Superintendent and Elmhurst Real Estate

by Thomas Makinney

With the hiring of a new Elmhurst District 205 Board of Education superintendent, Gracik Makinney is reminded of the crucial role great schools play in not only a child’s education but in the city and neighborhoods. Highly-rated, successful Elmhurst schools affect housing values, desirability of specific neighborhoods and overall value of Elmhurst. The announcement of David L. Pruneau indicates the dedication Elmhurst has for moving its schools ahead in order to assure Elmhurst students bright futures. Anytime we show a home in our hometown of Elmhurst, we are quick to point out the schools and their successes. Our kids proudly attend Elmhurst schools and we look forward to the advancements Pruneau will bring to the table.

This Weekend's Elmhurst Open Houses

by Thomas Makinney





438 S. Kenilworth Ave., Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


818 N. Emroy, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


465 Verret, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


972 S. Mitchell, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-4


152 Avon, Elmhurst


Sun. 2-4


337 Hagans, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


282 Crescent, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


244 Oneida, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


374 Myrtle, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


187 S. York Rd., #D, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


202 Addison, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


695 Fairview, Elmhurst


Sun. 2-4


786 Saylor, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-4


483 Maple, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-4


230 Addison, #230A, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


250 N. Myrtle, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


306 Chandler, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


185 York, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


175 E. Wilson, Elmhurst


Sun. 2-4


566 Comstock, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


940 Hillcrest, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


482 E. Park, Elmhurst


Sun. 1-3


110 Butterfield Rd., #207S, Elmhurst


Sat. 1-3


110 Butterfield Rd., #214S, Elmhurst


Sat. 1-3


110 Butterfield Rd., #305S, Elmhurst


Sat. 1-3


Gracik Makinney Walking in Annual Elmhurst St. Patrick's Day Parade

by Gracik Makinney Group

Tom Makinney and his family will be marching in the Elmhurst St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 12th in what has become an annual family tradition for the Makinneys.

Tom and his family have walked in the local parade for as long as he can remember. The yearly event is a must do for his kids.

"Last year we almost did not walk in the parade," said Tom, "but once the parade kicked off and my kids saw it going by without them, it was instant tears. So we jumped into the parade and celebrated with our Elmhurst friends."

Tom and the Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group know that a thriving community like Elmhurst enjoys yearly traditions such as the parade. Tom and his family will not miss it for the world. Say heeeeelp if you see them passing out beads or candy.

Warmer Weather + Motivated Sellers = Time to Look for Your New Home

by Thomas Makinney

With warmer weather, melting snow, and cleared streets here in Elmhurst, Gracik Makinney sees motivated sellers and buyers shaking off the winter doldrums and returning to real estate once again.

The Blizzard of 2011 dumped around two feet of snow in DuPage County and Elmhurst and people were more concerned with the roads and shoveled walkways and buying or selling real estate may have been the furthest notion from their minds. The warming weather marks a rejuvenated market with rejuvenated home buyers and sellers and we are accepting more appointments as the mercury rises.

Melted snow allows a cautious home buyer to see potential homes in all their glory. Clear views of the roofline, a glance at the landscaping, and a complete idea of a potential new home’s curb appeal can be enjoyed without pesky snow blocking the view. New home buyers can even get awa with wearing a heavy jacket as they walk cleared sidewalks to visit homes and attend showings.

If you were holding off on looking for a new home or selling your home until the effects of the blizzard wore off, now is the time. Take advantage of the Spring-like temperatures and contact Gracik Makinney to set up some home tours or showings.

Top Reasons to Invest in DuPage County Real Estate

by Thomas Makinney

A recent article that we at Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group recently read confirms what we are seeing as real estate trends in Elmhurst and DuPage County…people are returning to real estate as a sound investment. NYDailyNews.com posted the article With slowly recovering economy, investors are beginning to turn to real estate investments once more and one of the more interesting points in the article is:

“If your home is the place you live in, don't be overly concerned about its value. But if you're a homeowner who wants to refinance, do it now. Rates are going up, perhaps significantly. If you are speculating on real estate prices going up, resist the temptation. Housing has too many obstacles. The one exception may be rental housing, especially multifamily homes, where higher rents can offset higher tax rates.”

The implications for Elmhurst, Illinois real estate is simple, Elmhurst provides numerous opportunities for real estate investment from short-term rehab properties to long-term rental properties. Additionally, it is an opportune time to take advantage of low rates if you are looking to buy anything from a small starter home to a larger home. The NYSailyNews.com article also cautions that homeowners in DuPage County need not be too concerned with their homes value, right now. Easy for us to say, but that indicates housing prices are about to rebound and homes will begin to approach their true value.

Gracik Makinney can provide counsel on the best home buying or renting options within Elmhurst. If you are looking to branch out into other areas of DuPage County, we also have extensive understanding and knowledge of the market, communities, schools, and recreation. We live in DuPage County and have a vested interest in our community.

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