A little work on your home in April means that you can head into spring ready to relax over a barbecue and tackle garden work. Take some time now to make a few repairs and get your house sparkling.

Clean gutters and downspouts. Don’t neglect this important task. Clogged gutters from fall and winter debris can cause water to pool, damaging the roof and siding. Cleaning out the gutters also prevents water from cascading down the side of the house into the foundation and window wells where seepage can occur.

Inspect paths and driveway. Repeated freezing and thawing takes a toll on asphalt and concrete. Check your driveway and paths for cracks and schedule repairs as needed.

Wash windows. Welcome the spring sunshine by clearing dirt and grime from windows inside and out. Consider rinsing off your screen doors and windows, and check your screens for any small tears, which can let in mosquitoes and flies. Pick up a screen patch kit to repair them.

Lighten up your house. Make room for the sun by lightening up your interior. Go room by room and clear out unloved items. Put away heavy throw blankets and extra couch pillows. Freshen up the mantel or other styled spaces. Wipe down walls and baseboards. Consider changing out curtains or rugs to something lighter for the season.

Change up the garage. Empty the snow blower, stack the snow shovels and ice melt, and organize sleds and ice skates. Tune up the lawnmower, pull out garden tools and sprinklers. Check air pressure on bike tires and get them tuned up if needed. If you have young children, clean off outdoor toys and swing sets.  

Maintain wood decks and fences. Outdoor woodwork needs to be regularly stained and resealed. Check gates, fencing, decks, railings, pergolas and other outdoor structures for any repairs needed.

Other tasks to consider:

Wash siding. If your siding is looking dingy and dirty, attach a siding cleaning kit (available at most home improvement stores) to a regular garden hose and clean off the winter grime.

Spruce up the porch or entryway. Sweep the floor and wipe down any exterior windows, windowsills, and doors. Lay down a fresh doormat and put out a pot of flowers. If you have porch furniture, clean it off and wash the cushions.

Boost curb appeal. Spring is a great time to make upgrades to your home’s exterior. Even small changes, like new house numbers and a shiny new mailbox, can make a big impact. If you’re planning to put your house on the market soon, boosting curb appeal can help lure in potential buyers.

Schedule cooling-system maintenance. If you have central air conditioning, schedule professional maintenance before the start of summer. A properly maintained system cools better, uses less energy and lasts longer.

If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market this spring, give us a call. We offer free consultations and have loads of great ideas to get your house sparkling and sellable. Reach us at (630) 441-5570 or at www.gmregroup.com.