Elmhurst residents' dream of a Playground for Everyone became a reality last week when park district officials reopened Butterfield Park and unveiled their new all-accessible playground.

The vision for the playground was one of inclusivity, something that kids with and without disabilities could enjoy. Developers wanted a place where children of all abilities could play together, benefitting from the interaction and fostering friendship and interaction.

Visitors will still find slides and swings and climbing structures, but with some tweaks. In addition to being barrier-free (and thus wheelchair accessible,) the playground includes more ground-level play structures and offers state-of-the art play features for motor coordination disorders (such as Down syndrome and cerebral palsy.) There are quiet spaces for children with sensory disorders and auditory features for the visual or hearing impaired.

Each year the park district renovates and updates one of its 18 playgrounds. In 2015, when Butterfield was chosen as the next to be updated, community members came up with the idea for an inclusive playground.

The entire community came together to make this project a reality. The additional $250,000 needed for this project was raised by Special Kids Day and the People for Elmhurst Parks Foundation, as well as an online campaign, a fundraiser, corporate donors, and individual donors.

Butterfield Park is the only fully inclusive playground in Elmhurst and one of the very few in DuPage County.

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